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Lovers can find world-class custom wedding and engagement rings at Amazon whether they are browsing the Internet for custom pendants from across the ocean in the United States, or shop for engagement ring shopping from 'next door' in Adelaide. 

The way things are looking, Amazon just might become the online version of the New York Diamond District.

The first step for our infatuated customer in seeking engagement or wedding rings is to peruse the collections at the Amazon. There he (or she) will find a variety of pieces in Cartier's distinctively smooth and sculptured style. Those of a more traditional bent can find stunning variations on the traditional diamond engagement ring, each with unique details and bearing motif incised into the band or hidden in the molded gold. Most impressive though are the modern 'art' designs, with sweeping angles, smooth curves, and dramatic designs and cut-fragments skillfully cut by hand with a jewelers saw. A traditional diamond eternity engagement ring becomes a fascinatingly layered sculpture when set inside the bold modern lines of the Moonlight Serenade band. The multiplicity of designs, metals, and stones offers an option for every taste, and a sentiment to suit every unique relationship.

Or perhaps our engagement-ring-shopper wants to make an impact with a personal and completely one-of-a-kind custom ring. Cartier specializes in bespoke and one-off designs. Each consultation seeks to identify design elements that will be meaningful and significant to the individual client and the intended recipient, capturing each unique emotional nuance to create an irreplaceable instant heirloom. 

Once the design is settled on, both the custom and pre-design customer receive the same high standard of service. The design is cast using modern methods, and then hand-finished with traditional tools at a jeweler's bench, in a process that takes 8-10 days. Cut details like the 'Love' script are carefully incised with the jewelers saw, stones are placed in their settings, and each ring is polished to perfection for shine and comfort. Cautious customers may ask for a replica (cast in resin or silver and set with zirconium stones) to try on for look and fit. 
The end result? A brilliant and meaningful engagement ring arrives in your doorstep ready for the big moment in a lovely gift box--ready to bear witness to both the sentiment of the moment, and to all of the years yet to come.

Wedding Rings Depot

The discerning couple seeking unique and distinctive engagement and wedding rings should take a close look at the jewelry design collections of Wedding Rings Depot

Amazon’s collections of engagement and wedding rings offer a number of carefully thought out designs, wrought through the same hand-crafted/artisan processes used for all of his pieces. As with other jewelry, each piece is crafted to order, cast according to the design of the customer's choosing, and then hand-polished and finished using traditional jewelers tools and techniques. The majority of designs make generous use of a fine jeweler's saw to produce beautiful and precise 'cut-through' designs, notably the signature 'Love' motif evident through all of Cartier's collections. 

The designs range from elegant renditions of classic concepts--like the standard diamond solitaire cradled between four smoothly rounded arches--to unusual and striking novelties. 

Robert Young Sculpture

Sleek and sparkling 9k white gold ring is an original choice for an engagement ring or anniversary gift. The row of eight .40 ct white diamonds sparkle brilliantly inside their flush setting. The tapered haft forms a graceful curve around the forefront of the ring, leaving room for the Robert Young Sculpture 'Love' insignia, which is incised through the width of the band. This ring is part of the "Evolve" collection, and can be crafted with an selection of precious metals and stones that convey the meaning important to you and your loved one, or inscribed along the inside of the band with a sentiment meaningful to you. 

The 'Night and Day' engagement ring, for example, consists of a simple, white gold ring set around with inset diamonds, but with a single yellow gold band incorporated into the design at an angle, so that it seems to be emerging from underneath, like the sun rising into a star-lit sky. (The design is named for a Cole Porter song; it is impossible to browse the collections of engagement and wedding rings from without beginning to hum some of the love songs referenced in the names of the designs). 

The jewelers's background as a sculptor is evident in many of the designs, which are as much art pieces as they are adornment. The 'Love Times Three' ring(s), from the 'I Do' collection of wedding rings, could as easily be a comment on the many shapes of the modern family; it is stunning as it is, a three-ring design which fits together into a single seamless wedding ring featuring Young's signature 'Love' motif. All of the designs in the 'I Will' (engagement rings) and 'I Do' collections feature similar sculptural elements: finely incised cut-through script and designs, smooth and sweeping lines, precise planes and angles, and the occasional carefully balanced asymmetry.

Perhaps the most striking aspect of these engagement and wedding rings is the deeply personal sentiment imbued into each. The deep thought that goes into each Robert Young custom one-of-a-kind design is also evident here, in these pre-designed collections, and perhaps justifies the deluxe price more than even the quality or craftsmanship do. Here, you may choose a ring that shouts to the world of your love--or treasure a secret that only you and your beloved share with hidden inscriptions and elements.


There is nothing ostentatious, and everything romantic, about a band of smooth, gleaming 18k gold which hides an inset ring of gleaming round diamonds inside (the 'Can't Buy Me Love' engagement ring design). Since each ring is created to order, any of these designs may be wrought in a selection of metals, and the 'Evolve' collection allows for a number of jewel and thickness selections as well. It is perhaps not surprising though that many of Amazon’s jewelry customers find themselves inspired to commission one-of-a kind custom engagement or wedding rings :every design here is an example of the breadth and depth of the jeweler’s sentiment and vision, flexible enough to capture every shade and nuance of emotion.