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There are many ways of getting the beats you need to groove through your day in our modern age; with the radio being resigned to office spaces that do not have wi-fi access, or your commute. The most popular way of getting up-to-date mainstream music is by subscribing to a service. A lot of services allow you to pick and choose not only the specific genre of music but also a certain album, while others will play you music in a radio style of songs that are similar to a particular song, album or artist. A good many of these services are free but host a “paid-for” option that will eliminate those pesky ads, giving you hours and hours of uninterrupted play time. They are a month-to-month subscription and canceling is easy for all of the services as well. Pretty much all of the services offer apps to allow you to stream on any device that you have as well as an account that links all of the devices together, meaning you can create your favorite mix one device and then listen to it on another (or on your friend’s, if you sign in). 


Google Play Music- This is a service offered by Google. It has quite a few playlists already available for you to choose from with catchy names like “Throwback Thursday”, “Entering Beast Mode”, “Waking Up Happy”, “Learning Something” and the like. With an option to buy any song you like (for offline listening), these playlists change on the day of the week and even the weather. Fear not, you can still upload and make your own playlist with the music that you purchase. You can listen to music for free with Google Play, however, there will be ads. If you’d like to not listen to the overwhelming urge to buy something, they offer a family plan of $14.99 a month; seems a little steep but you can have up to 6 people on the account (if you have roommates, this might not be such a bad idea).


Spotify- This service gives you playlist options without having to buy any music whatsoever. You can search from a HUGE catalog of music (which may include some of your local bands and you’d surprised at who you can find on Spotify). They also provide you with playlists based on the music that you have searched for and listened to; though they are really more so album suggestions of other artists. Of course, You may always make your own playlists as well as upload your own music. They offer a “radio” service which gives you the ability to not choose your own music and to just let the tunes roll on out; this has an unlimited number of skips, just in case you dislike the songs they play. If you pay for the premium plan, then you be able to listen to any of your playlists offline. While online, Spotify Premium gives you ad free listening. The monthly price is $9.99 for one person but they offer a 50% discount for each person you add (up to five people). So two people would be $14.99, three would be $20, and so on. 


Pandora- This is a radio service, meaning you can choose a specific type of music or song/album and let an algorithm choose the next song based on your likes and dislikes. You do this by using the thumbs up and down buttons at the bottom of the song track. It also can give you background information of the artists (like how they got started and why), lyrics for the song you are listening to, and an option to buy the song for your own personal library. You only have a few skips per hour with the free service and you will have to bare your teeth through ad’s. If you love this idea but really dislike ads, then purchasing their plus plan would be for you. At only $4.99 a month (or $54.89 annually), this service is the cheapest and a very popular choice. 

Before selecting a subscription service ensure that they have songs by your favorite artists, whether they are U2, Metallica, 50 Cent, Nelly, or another more contemporary performer or group.

In the end, there are many choices (more than listed here),these being the most popular. It really depends on what you are personally wanting from your music player and if you are wanting to travel across seas. A good many of these are playable in most of the world, however, you should make sure that you can listen to your music in the parts you are wishing to travel to before spending money on it.