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Nine West Dress Review

Belted Fit & Flare Dress by Nine West Dresses

This black fit-and-flare dress combines understated elegance with youthful flare. The scoop neckline and A-line silhouette make it ideal for slim as well as fuller figures.

It comes with a removable belt made of a matching material at the waist. Using the belt creates a more pronounced appreciation for the drape and pleating on the lower portion the dress. Using the dress without the belt gives it a more casual look, suitable for an outdoor gathering. With the dress hanging just above the knee, this Nine West dress exudes a coquettish sense of class.

With the shell, belt and lining made of a polyester material, the dress is light and easy to care for. It is machine washable and always creates a natural, non-clinging drape. The addition of a hidden back zipper along with a hook-and-eye closure also make this dress easy to put on and comfortable to wear even for evenings when dancing is involved.

Its appearance coupled with the resilience and practicality of its construction make it an ideal version of the "little black dress." It makes for a wonderful addition to have in your closet.

3/4 Sleeve Houndstooth Fit and Flare Dress by Nine West Dresses

This 3/4 sleeve sweater dress from Nine West is the perfect item to have in your fall and winter wardrobe. The combination of the solid black bodice portion, combined with the houndstooth pattern used in the skirt portion give it a classic look.

Cut to hang immediately above the knee, it is suitable for when you need to look your best at a presentation for work, or as the ideal outfit for a dressy casual evening with friends. The classical appeal of this dress makes it easy to accessorize — yet, it is bold and assertive enough on its own to be worn without accessories.

Made of an acrylic fiber, it is hand washable and retains a natural flowing drape even after repeated use. With its rounded neckline, it is one of those dresses that achieves a professional look while being easily transitioned into a more stylish offering with simple accessories. Even a change in hair or makeup can add further nuance to the dress. It can be seen as a fashion canvas that can be used in a variety of fall and winter occasions.

Women's Ruffled Cap Sleeve Fit and Flare Dress by Nine West Dresses

Available in an eye-catching calypso blue, as well as a stylish black, this Nine West dress is the perfect offering for a night on the town. Be it sipping trendy cocktails or dancing at the club, this dress will create a stylish buzz.

The ruffled cap sleeve gives it just the right hint of stylish embellishment to make it chic, while still maintaining a fresh appeal. The rounded neckline with a slight v-shaped scoop neck make for the perfect segue to the front of the bodice portion of the dress with its gently accentuated pleating.

The visual separation between the bodice and skirt portion of this dress is realized with a self-tie in the same color and material of the dress. This allows you to create a subtle form-fitting appearance to the dress while still retaining its breezy quality. Think of it as having the comfort of a summer dress with the sexy and stylish appeal of pseudo-clubwear.

Made of 100% polyester, the dress is dry clean only. Light in weight, it is suitable for wear from spring through fall. It fills the role of an "all purpose" dress. Perfect if you are traveling and what to have something on hand that can be worn in a variety of situations.

Women's Hippydoodle Dress by Nine West Dresses

The hippydoodle from Nine West is a tank dress that screams out spring and summer casual fun. Available in two floral print patterns, the "ivory combo" print uses a light beige background to present the floral print in blues, reds, greens and yellows. The "dark pacific combo" print uses a navy blue background to present a similar floral pattern that is slightly heavier on the reds when compared to the alternate pattern. 

Both options present the floral print pattern across the upper portion of the bodice section, immediately along the scoop neckline and throughout the bottom portion, all the way down to the hem. Only the mid-rift section is left to either the solid beige or solid navy blue color. This segmentation of the print pattern along with the empire waist design serves well to create a gentle silhouette. Some might even describe it as creating a slimming effect.

Made of 98% cotton, the fabric is light and very breathable. It can be worn comfortably and fashionably at any spring or summer daytime occasion. Going to brunch, attending an afternoon barbecue — the possibilities for this dress are endless. The more intensely colored "dark pacific combo" print can even lend itself to some evening events in warmer summer climates, such as attending a concert or theater in the park.

Color Blocked Sheath Dress by Nine West Dresses

Finding a dress that is suitable for a professional working environment and that also has sufficient independent appeal to be worn for social occasions is not easy. However, this Nine West dress accomplishes just that. 

Its boat neckline and sheath silhouette combine with its sleeveless styling to create a look that is elegant, professional and graceful. It evokes the image of strength and femininity. The use of a traditional color blocking palette of ebony and ivory not only adds a timeless appeal, but also introduces a figure-friendly element to the dress. The color blocking also allows for leeway to exist in terms of the seasons that this dress can be worn. With different accessory and footwear selections, it can easily be worn year round.

The fitting of the dress is sufficient enough to create a fashionable silhouette, but it is not constraining. As such, it can be worn comfortably for hours. Made of a polyester fabric, it is lined allowing it to always hang and drape properly. The addition of a slit at the back hem adds that final touch of elegance that makes this dress really stand out.