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Purim is that time of the year where kids as well as adults dress up as their favorite superheroes, ghosts, fictional characters, Devils or angels. The day is especially a fun time for children as they wear different costumes and go on every single doorstep delivering and receiving shalach manot. There are a lot of Purim costumes available in the market, and if you are confused which one to wear this year, we are here to help you with the same.

Top 5 Purim costumes 

Zombie costume- Zombie costume is one of the most popular costume for Purim. It's very simple to put up, works like charm every time and requires very less effort as well. There are various type of Zombie costumes that you can try - a zombie doctor, a zombie footballer or you can choose to dress up like any person and Zombify the look. You also need to keep the entire costume little cheap as it's going to be destroyed after one use. You can apply fake blood on your face and your clothes to provide a more real look. Makeup during the holiday can make or break your look and hence it's important that the makeup is done properly to complement your costume.

Superhero costume- Superheroes never go out of fashion. It doesn't matter whether you are a Marvel or a DC comics fan, any Superhero costume that you choose for your seudat party is going to be an instant hit. With so many ready-made superhero costumes available in the market you don't have to put any efforts, just wear the outfit and you are done. You can be any Superhero you want such as Captain America, Iron man, Batman, Spiderman or Superman. However If you want to stand out, you can become one of the minor characters that assist the Superheroes.

Witch costume - when we talk about witches, the first thing that comes to our mind is Shakespeare’s Macbeth. “When shall we three meet again. In thunder, lightning, or in rain?”. Talking about this costume, it's very popular as it doesn't require much effort. A pointy hat and messy hair will do the trick. For better effects, paint your face green or add a wart on your face. These are the traditional witches look but with time and new TV shows the look of witches have also changed tremendously. They have become sexier and more sophisticated. You can go for the modern Witch look as well.

Harley Quinn costume- The Suicide Squad movie didn't do much wonders at the box office. But it was Harley Quinn’s messy look that inspired several makeup artists to recreate the look. Even though the Quinn’s look in the latest movie was criticized as it changed from her signature jester mask and black and red costume to fishnets and baseball t-shirt, it became one of the most popular costume for women in 2016 and we are sure this trend will continue in coming years.

Pirate costume - If you love Jack Sparrow and Pirates of Caribbean, then this look is for you. This has been one of the most popular costume from years. It's really inexpensive and easy to put together this outfit. All you need is a flannel shirt, a hat, eye patch, boots, a pirate weapon like sword or a hook and ear rings.