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R&M Richards dresses are designed to bring out a wide variety of aspects in the wearer. From the long and graciously elegant to the short and intimately chic, there is a wide variety of these dresses on offer.

By choosing to go the R&M Richards route, shoppers can be sure that they will be able to find the quality and the great fit they are looking for. Every one of the dresses made by this fashion designer is upscale and suitable for every imaginable social or business affair you need to attend.

What is more, the elegant collection of R&M Richards dresses features cuts in perfection. The choice you make, therefore, should flatter your figure as long as you get it in your size. Enjoy that unique feeling of understated beauty and confidence with the following dresses – which rank among the best of the best in the R&M Richards collection:


1. Long Sleeve Crinkle Knit Jacket Dress



Light and washable, the Long Sleeve Crinkle Knit Jacket Dress from R&M Richards is made for traveling. The cut is elegantly made while the hem matches the lining perfectly. 

The dress is also chic and stands at the very epitome of classic taste and timeless style. What is more, the tank bodice on it features comfortably radiant crinkle knit fabric. Additionally, it comes with a matching long sleeve jacket, which will provide you with the perfect amount of coverage when you adorn it.

If you are planning to go on a cruise or any other kind of fancy traveling holiday, therefore, you can be sure that the Long Sleeve Crinkle Knit Jacket Dress will come in handy. Not only is it elegantly designed, it also has a full lining, making it perfect for wearing to your evening social affairs – dinners, cocktails, and the like. Since it fits so well, you should not be too surprised by the tons of complements it will attract.

The dress, however, is also versatile. This means that you can wear it to weddings. It will fit the occasion perfectly, especially on account of the comfortable design and the extreme comfort it brings. As the name suggests, it will not wrinkle, which is perfect because you will definitely want to grace your body with this dress in the future.



R&M Richards Long Sleeve Crinkle Knit Jacket Dress comes with the following product details:

- It features a chic crinkle knit jacket

- The tank bodice is comfortable and radiant on account of its crinkle knit fabric

- The long sleeved matching jacket will provide the wearer with the perfect level of coverage required 

- It is fully lined in imported polyester


2. 3/4 Sleeve Georgette Dress



The pictures of the R&M 3/4 Sleeve Beaded Georgette Dress, of course, do not do justice to it. The dress is so lovely and just right in-between. When you adorn it to a wedding, for instance, you will get the perfect amount of fancy so you feel elegant but not so much that it seems you’d have wanted to be part of the bridal party.

Whatever the case, you can count on the Georgette Dress from R&M Richards to help you catch every eye. 



The R&M Richards 3/4 Sleeve Georgette Beaded Dress comes with the following details:

- It features intricate and delicate beading details all through, as well as flattering pleats to ensure easy movement

- The shawl jacket comes with beaded embellishments adorned on sleeves

- The dress is lined all over its entirety with 100% polyester

- The zipper is right through the center of the back


3. 3/4 Glitter Jacket and Long Chiffon Dress



Another great find from the R&M Richards collection, the Long Chiffon Dress is designed in such a way that it will help the wearer glimmer with elegance. It comes with a glitter-filled jacket and a matching dress. The jacket will, to this end, provide you with the right amount of coverage you are looking for. Further, the dress has a bodice that features the sparkling glitter detailing you need to look perfect on your next evening affair. This glitter detail goes all the way to the top of the dress.

In the same way, the 3/4 Sleeve Glitter Jacket with Long Chiffon Dress has side draping that will create that stunning silhouette that will add dimension to your frame and help you look even more elegant.



This mother of the bride/groom evening and formal dress comes with the following product details: 

- It features a glitter-filled dress with matching jacket

- The 3/4 inch sleeve jacket is designed to provide perfect coverage

- The bodice, on the other hand, features the same sparkling glitter detailing\

- The material used is a blend of spandex, nylon, and imported polyester

- The 3/4 Sleeve Jacket and Long Chiffon Dress is also available in Teal 

- It is fully lined and has a back zip 


4. Chiffon and Glitter (Lace Jacket) Dress with Brooch



Elegantly understated, this Chiffon and Glitter Dress (with Brooch) ranks among the more sparkling of the R&M Richards dresses you can find. It comes with a sequined lace jacket that you can either choose to wear or slip off depending on how you would like to look. Whatever you decide, you can be sure that you are definitely going to shine on account of the crystal brooch attached at the hip and the glitter lace bodice.

The dress is also fantastic and comes in one of the best quality materials you will find anywhere. This means that you should be able to wear it over the long haul for future occasions where you need to be formally dressed up.



With this dress, you will get to enjoy the following details:

- Designed by R&M Richards, the dress features a blend of polyester and nylon

- It has a back zipper and is fully lined

- The materials used as well as the design are delicate, meaning that you should hand wash this dress instead of tossing it into a washing machine


5. 3/4 Sleeve (Taffeta Ball) Gown with Lace Bodice



Designed for any affair in the royal standard, theTaffeta Ball Gown with Lace Bodice from R&M Richards is a spectacular taffeta ball gown. As such, it features a wide sash, a full taffeta skirt, an exquisite lace bodice, as well as sheer lace sleeves.

With this ball gown in your closet, you will never be lacking in something elegantly classy and chic to wear to any special occasion. Whether it is a wedding, an evening dinner party, or a state affair, you can be sure this dress will help you look so royally graceful that you’ll stand out from the rest of the crowd.



With the Taffeta Ball Gown with Lace Bodice, you will get to enjoy the following details:

- The dress is made from nylon, polyester, taffeta, and spandex

- It comes with a back zipper and is fully lined for added comfort

- It can be dry-cleaned but with great care 


Concluding Thoughts

R&M Richards dresses are known as the go-to occasion-wear outfits. The brand specializes in formal occasions such as weddings. As such, you can count on any of the above dresses to provide you with the flattering sophisticated shapes, the ultra-feminine details, and the rich fabrics that will help you stand out.