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These are fine examples of stylish brand name dresses.

You can find these fashionable clothes at
leading boutiques, department stores such as
Macy's, and by online retailers such
as Amazon.

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Maggy London Illusion Top Crepe Dress

This is a trending classy and elegant dress. It can be worn for business functions, wedding functions, and evening cocktails. The dress is also conservative yet sexy. Its length reaches the knee yet it fits the body perfectly. The sheer fabric that covers the top of the dress show just the necessary amount cleavage. The dress is mainly made of heavy polyester with an additional thick lining of polyester. These features make it effective in masking any bulges on the body that is usually made by panty and bra lines. Unfortunately, the dress has certain flaws. It is mainly designed for tall women above 5’ 5’’. The dress falls below the knees of women under 5’ 5’’ tall. Additionally, the dress can only be comfortably worn during fall and holiday occasions. This is because the heavy polyester makes it unsuitable for the hot summer. Generally, the dress is trending and elegant. There is no concrete reason why a tall woman should not buy it. 

Adrianna Papell Partial Tuck Dress w/ Short Sleeve

This is a comfortable, classy, and elegant dress. One can wear it to birthday parties, evening cocktails, wedding functions, and business functions. The dress is conservative yet sexy. It covers the body from the shoulders to above the knees and fits the body perfectly. However, one should not wear a necklace with this dress because it does not match or need necklaces. Additionally, one needs a strapless bra when wearing this dress. Bras with straps will be visible above the shoulders, which is inappropriate. Finally, the dress is made mainly of heavy polyester, which makes it unsuitable for hot summer occasions. Generally, the dress is really stunning such that when one wears it, one becomes the center of attraction. 

Rsvp Battista Dress

This is a comfortable dress suitable for parties and evening cocktails. It is made of smooth fabric that provides comfort. Its sleeveless construction displays the beautiful arms of its wearer. The dress’ round-fitting neckline enables the wearer to adorn a matching necklace. Its A-line skirt has pretty pleats that that allow its wearer to move freely and comfortably. It hemline rise just above the knees and is covered by a trim of sheer lace ruffle which increases the flirtatious nature of the dress. The dress is made of mainly of heavy polyester. The dress has the following demerits. Its flirty nature makes it unsuitable for business and wedding functions, and it is unforgiving to those unappreciative of their bodies, especially their arms and legs. Generally, the dress is suitable for those who want to feel comfortable when having fun.

Marlie Lace Dress

This is a close-fitting dress that is designed mainly for tall women. Its lace fabrication is made of floral patterns that give it an admirable, and attractive feminine beauty. It has a round neckline that allows for the addition of a slim tiny necklace. The dress has sheer long sleeves that sexily expose the arms of its wearer. It is unlined, which makes it light and suitable for the summer period. It has a hemline that rises significantly above the knees. The dress is not conservative, mainly, due to this feature. It is easy to wear. Its owner can easily slip-on it. The dress is mainly made of polyamide and viscose, which are light materials. This dress is mainly suitable for summer occasions, official outdoor activities, and parties. Surely when a person acquires this dress, one is sure to turn heads. 

Lovers + Friends Dream Girl Dress

This is one the most flirtatious dresses one could ever come across. It is a close-fitting dress designed mainly for tall slim women. It has a gorgeous floral lace fabrication that stresses the overall feminine beauty of its wearer. The dress does not require a necklace even though it has the round neckline. This sheer dress has long sleeves, a scalloped hemline, and it is partially lined. This dress simply not an office wear. Additionally, it simply not suitable for women from conservative families. The features of the dress make its wearer attract admirers and leaves them in awe. It is a simply a Dream Girl Dress.

StyleStalker Venice Midi Dress

This is another close-fitting dress suitable for conservatives. It is made of cotton that makes it really comfortable. Its fabrication is adorned with simple and attractive crochet lace panels that increase its overall beauty. It has the classic round neckline and short sleeves. Any woman, regardless of shape and size can feel comfortable in this dress. It has a straight hemline that stresses its conservative nature. Its major demerit is that it requires hand washing with cold water and drying in a shade. Women who do not do laundry may be discouraged from buying it. generally, this dress is suitable for nearly all occasions. One can attend business functions, weddings, evening cocktails, birthday parties, and much more in it.

Mara Hoffman Compass Maxi Dress

This is an expensive dress and it is worth it. It is a perfect combination of the of the past and present. Its creep fabrication is adorned with a stunning print, a perfect reminder of how art creates beauty. Its plunging V-neckline is flirty that makes it the perfect wear for romantic dinners. Its long sleeves have single button cuffs that create an aura of respect for its wearer. This dress has a banded waist that brings out the classic nature of the dress in the presences of modernity. Additionally, it has front hand pockets that stress the classic nature of the dress. Rarely does one come across a dress with pockets. The dress is fully lined and has a straight hemline adding to its classic nature. Its fabric is composed of rayon and viscose, which explain its light nature. This is suitable because it has a very low hemline and it is long sleeved. This dress is very suitable for women who want to demonstrate power and control, especially at a romantic dinner table.