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Submitting articles to the best article directories offers a perfect opportunity to publish information on services or products that you're hoping to promote across the Internet. Article marketing is likely to be one of the easiest and most cost-effective options for promoting products. Alternatively, you could just use the article directories as a platform for publishing content on topics that really interest you and able to help the wider audience.

If you are thinking of getting your articles posted on article directories, here is a list of the top ten directory sites where you can freely post your write-ups.

1. Ezine articles

This is a great directory site that hosts thousands of articles ranging from the simplest to the most complex topic.

If you want your site to have some substantial exposure, it is best to submit to e-zine articles. 

Best of all, in e-zine articles, the e-zine publishers are given 25 free article reprints


2. Article Street

This is an online content center that caters to different types of topics. This particular article directory site is a good source of standardized and reliable articles that can be reprinted.

Businesses can submit their published works to this directory site and gain highly targeted traffic to their website. Publishers can also use the articles contained in this directory site so that they can publish them. In turn, you get free traffic once the search engines find your published content on the websites that use your content.


3. Health Articles Database

If you are into health issues or writing that focus more on health matters, you can submit your published information to this health niche database. This is a database of information that focus more on health content.

Here, you can freely submit your writings for posting. At the same time, publishers may use the content contained therein for free.



This interesting directory site entails all of the remarkable content from different categories written by equally remarkable writers.

Here, people can obtain topics as well as they can post topics for posting.


5. Article depot

This particular UK website host free articles that are ready for distribution. Most of the website designers visit this website in order to obtain some free information that they can use on their new websites.

So, if you want to be posted or published in new places that may generate good traffic to your own site, try to submit to this website.


6. Articles411

This is a directory site that accepts your free content. For website owners, you can get quality reviews made by quality writers from this directory. For people who are just conducting their research, you can get free, quality information on this article directory.


7. Search warp

In this type of how to directory site, you can obtain various do-it-yourself articles. This can be very useful to people who want to how to do things right. 

People can also obtain free information on this site along with some philosophical articles.


8. Go Articles

This is an article directory and at the same time functions like a search engine wherein people can browse to its database of thousands of articles.

Primarily, this is a search engine directory especially created for the articles that were written by the well-known writers. Other businesses can also submit articles on this site.

The best thing about this site is that they also provide JavaScript feeds and RSS feeds made available to everybody.


9. Article Alley

This directory site offers a submission service. It provides a wide database for writer who wishes to submit their free content.


10. Articles for reprint

This reprint directory site has a wide database of articles that can be used for reprints in different websites.


These directory sites can definitely reap positive results and good traffic to your website. They are some of the most popular ones in the market, so better not miss the chance of boosting your sales by submitting to these top directory sites.